Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Accepting Responsibility

Small steps towards accepting you need a financial make over:

1. You need to realize no one can spend your money other than you.
2. You need to stop, sit and think about what you envision your future to be like.
3. You need to realize you are responsible for your future.
4. You need to accept responsibility for your well-being.

Yes, these seem very basic. But in February 2010 when I started my financial make over I had to sit and meditate on all of these things. I did not realize back then all of the affects my spending habits had on my very life. I know this may sound very naive but for some of us who were teenagers during the economy boom years it was very hard to understand how everything changed after the markets crashed in 2008. That was when I was just entering the workforce and controlling money was a new foreign concept.

I hope this helps!

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