Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Making Up with Make Up

For the past few months I really cut back on my frivolous spending. A few years back I found a passion in make up, I love love lipstick and blushes. In my early twenties I went nuts buying expensive MAC items. I go through times of serious "cleansing" and these expensive make up items were victims of these times.

This past Friday though I was aching for a new pop of color so I went to my local CVS and I browsed for a really long time and I found these NYC .99 cent lipsticks. Now here is something I do not feel guilty buying! So I bought 3 colors.

316 Blossom: waste of money - this is a very cheap looking color, kind of a gross loud pink.
305 Ruby: Eh okay.
308 Retro Red: Worth the $2 other dollars I spent on the other 3 colors. This red is beautiful!!! I am so glad I discovered such a cheap nice red, it is so creamy and wonderful and not cheap feeling at all.

If you are in the mood for a nice beautiful pop of red for barely any money I would suggest this lipstick.

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