Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's hard for me, or most people I would imagine, to have face to face time with a friend to discuss finances for about an hour a day. No one really wants to sit that and do it with you, unless I guess you pay for a financial counselor.

Well, one of my favorite resources for "discussing" personal finance, even though you do all the listening, is through podcasts! Every one has their own mentors and favorite personal finance celebs and here are mine:

 Dave Ramsey - even though I'm not a fan of his political or spiritual views I do like his no nonsense ways of dealing with personal finances. I listened to his "Total Money Makeover" audio book twice and I admit there are some very basic things he talks about that sometimes you need to be reminded of.

Suze Orman - I learned about her through Oprah's "O" magazine. I LOVE her Saturday night tv show however I rarely get to watch seeing as I do not have cable! I have rented nearly all of her DVDs through Netflix though and I own one of her books. I love the way she empowers women.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade - I lover her Till Debt Due Us Part show, which comes on right after Suze's show. I have lurked the web so so many times looking for her "Princess" show that is only available in Canada!

I know these are the basic people for personal finance, but it's whom I follow mostly and learned the most from. I would happily read and look into any other PF gurus that are recommended!


  1. I lurk on the web looking for that Princess show too. I LOVE IT.

    1. If you ever find it pleaseeeeeeeeee send me a link!