Monday, June 18, 2012

1st World Problems: I hate my new Mac!

Okay, so before you slap me in the face because of such a stupid subject line please hear me out. If you have read any of my older posts you will know I am in no financial position to be purchasing new technology right now, so no I did not buy this new laptop for myself. My company gives out Macs to top employees that do a lot of travelling, yay me! I was on a long waiting list and I finally got my Mac book pro this past Friday. I have never owned a Mac, I have been a PC girl all my life. I recently converted to using an I-phone (also provided by my company), so that's the extend of my knowledge with Apple products. The problem is this new Mac is so foreign to me, I got so frustrated trying to use it for the past few days that I would get so annoyed, put it aside, and pick up my old trusty HP laptop. Then I couldn't concentrate and do anything on my PC because I felt so much guilt like I should be using my new Mac. I feel like I am in laptop purgatory.

As soon as I got news that I would be getting my Mac I started thinking about selling my PC and putting that money towards my credit card debt. Turns out my mom and brother wanted to purchase it! Yay -  so I'm selling in to my brother for $50 tomorrow (its an old model). I've been watching my credit card balance like a hawk, as if the balance would lower if I don't actually pay the bill... makes no sense. So this $50 is actually a huge deal to me.

Anyways -  I'm feeling so much anxiety over handing over my trusty partner good old HP. It has a much bigger screen, 17" I think and my new Mac is a 13" so I feel "uncomfortable" using it (I know you have probably rolled your eyes about 5 times by now). I think all of this anxiety is stemming from something bigger though...

When I went through my divorce a few years ago I was left computer-less, during that time of horrible confusion and stress I charged a $500 Toshiba laptop on an old debit card over-drafting that account. I never went back and paid for it. I know, thankfully I'm a much better human now. Well I used that computer for a long time and then I dropped it and broke it, then my parents saved me by giving me this HP. I am finally going to pay off that debt to the old laptop and I feel like I I have come such a long way in my maturity level that giving up on my PC will be like letting go of something, I'm not sure exactly what yet.

I always thought Mac people were so fancy and snobby. In my early twenties I couldn't even imagine purchasing an $1,000+ laptop. I feel like I'm scared of embarking on this new journey of being the Mac user. Well, this is my last post using my PC, good bye old friend.



  1. I'm a PC girl and Hubby is definitely a Mac guy. You'll get used to a smaller screen pretty soon. My laptop is 13" too, it took me sometime but now I feel weird when I use something bigger.

  2. LOL, I LOVE my mac! :) I don't mind PC's but with the work I do I pretty much have to use one to run my programs. They are more expensive though. :(

  3. I'm a PC owner now, but after my divorce I was in much the same situation. It's amazing how financially devastating it can be! Luckily my roommate had a was a MAC. It took a while for me to get used to the interface, but once I did...they are amazing.

  4. I hate Macs too. Ever since I was a kid, I'd get on a Mac and some strange thing would happen and everyone would crowd around and say "wow, I've never seen that problem before". I figure I'd best stay with a PC