Saturday, June 9, 2012

Links for the Week!

So much has happened this week, my head is spinning! These were the most interesting and favorite links of mine:

Additional Characteristics that Separate the Self Manager from Normal People by Joyful Self Manager
Rich People Like Fake Jewelry Too by Shopping to Saving
Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen and the Prosperity Gospel by Married with Debt
Financial life lessons: True blood edition by Serendipity
Are you underestimating your abilities and potential? by Money Reasons
Addictions ruin budgets by Master the Art of Saving
Miracle Mac-n-Cheese by Budget Bytes
Has travel become a way to keep up with the Jonses? by Well Heeled

  • I also learned about Ready For Zero. I started using it to manage my credit card debt and payments. If I follow through I can be credit card debt free by August of this year! It did tell me to pay off my card with the highest interest first, but I can pay off one of my cards with just one payment for the high interest card - so I'll do that first. 
  • I got my pin in the mail from And Then She Saved! Yay so cute!

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