Monday, June 4, 2012

Nervous About June

So.... I was thinking about this upcoming month. I thought I was literally going to be *ballin'* because this is a month with 3 pay checks. I get paid on the 1st, 15th & 29th. BUT I'm kind of confused because looking through my bills things don't seem be adding up.

Bills for 6/1 paycheck: check $1400 
-$750 rent due on the 1st
-$153.12 Dog's surgery payment due on the 1st
-$325 extra car payment made by accident due on the 1st
-$37.48 internet bill due on the 7th
-$25 Credit Card payment

Paycheck minus all of that equals: $109!!!

Coming in, hopefully!!!
$250 rent from roommate
$60 extra money
$150 extra income for expenses

So... $109 + 460 = 569 - 200 VARIABLE = 369.

I need to have this $369 in savings. I absolutely need to!!!! Currently my EFund is at ZERO. That is a recipe for disaster.

I wont be getting these extra money in for probably until the second week. So that means for the first week I will have only $100 in variable spending. Obviously what screwed me over was making my car payment twice! I was so nervous I missed it that I paid it twice... It brought my total left over amount for the car to $7,999 which is nice to be under $8k but still, I really could've used that money. It seems like every month something silly like that comes up.

Bills for 6/15 paycheck: check $1400 
-$42.95 pet insurance due on the 19. I only have one more of these payments left! yay!
-$325 car payment due on the 21
-$265 car insurance due on the 21
-$100 credit card payment due on the 23
-$20 gas bill

I should be left over with around 647 from this check. 647 - 200 variables for these two weeks: 447 + 369 = 816.

I could have 816 in my EFund by July. I have to keep my entire variable spending for the month to $400. I think I can do it. I went insane in May with my spending. Now that I have all of this info layed out I think it will be extra motivayion for me to stick to it. $816 in an EFund would be amazing. I would almost be done with baby step #1 in my first month. *fingers crossed*


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed it turns out OK for you!