Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly Recap 5/28 - 6/3

Monday 5/28: No Spend on Memorial Day!

Tuesday 5/29:
$11.77 necklace
$3.16 Starbucks
$14.33 Gas
$21.41 Groceris

ummm not good!

Wednesday 5/30:
$5.33 Panera: NOT worth it, the soup sucked
$8.04 more gas

Thursday 5/31:
$15 gas
$3.34 coffee: NOT worth it, gave me a toothache

Friday 6/1:
.75 cents can of soda

Saturday 6/2:
$17 Groceries
$12 pharmacy
$10 gas

Not good, I need to cut back on my spending for random foods!


  1. It's the random, not planned expenses that always do you in! Do you have any personal spending in your budget that you can spread out throughout the week? Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'll add you to my blog roll. :)

  2. Thank you I love your blog! I'm going to re-work my budget for this upcoming week, I absolutely need some spending cash... I think I'm noticing that if I deprive myself too much I just go wild.