Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Going back to school!

I decided I am going back to school to earn a degree. I don’t have any college credits, I went to college in 2007 and it was for only one pre-college course! I have always felt very embarrassed for not going to school, which is sad seeing as it wasn’t really because I was lazy or stupid but mostly because I did not have the resources.

In recent months the thought of going back to school has been persistent in my mind. I started by doing some research on online college. Even though I am only 25 due to my professional career I don’t feel right going to a campus, plus my employer is super against people furthering their education… Really.

I researched online schools and I found a couple, I fooloshigly called a few and then they hounded me forever. I saw that the credits for online schools were around $400 to $1200 for the University of Phoenix, which is a total scam! I then researched my community colleges, I had no idea you could go to college online through a community school, I was so happy.

I went back to the school I originally was going to, a community college a county over, the credits there are only $103 for a highly regarded public school! I will be able to study online and take all of my classes online for an associates degree.

I am so happy, I will start in the winter term! I will update you all with my exact costs, I will start with 2 online classes.