Sunday, September 27, 2015

Currently Reading: Creative Visualization

I am currently reading Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. This book was cited in a recent audiobook I discovered which was 50 Self-Help Classics by Tom Butler-Bowdon . I loved listening to the 50 Self-Help Classics so much, it basically gives brief synopsis of some of the best self help books of all time. The audiobook gives short enough descriptions so if you are not too into a specific book it is quite painless to listen through its description. The short overviews are very detailed and insightful and I had the feeling of having a few breakthroughs while listening to this book. There were books mentioned that I am familiar with like Meditations by Marcus Aurelius , The Tao De Ching and even the Bible.

The 50 Self-Help Classics book lists one of Dr. Phil's book as part of their list, which I was a little surprised about, I have never read his first book. I was actually surprised to find out the entire story behind Dr. Phil and how he became a part of the Oprah show. The 50 Self-Help Classics reminded me of books I have read and really liked and also helped me discover a few new books to read, Creative Visualization was one of them.

I am halfway done with the book, it is a super fast read! The book discusses very basic visualization concepts that if you have watched The Secret then you get the basic idea. The book was originally published in 1978 so I am assuming that this topic was perhaps less popular back then. I like the book as a basic guideline for visualization but for someone who has read any law of attraction material the content of this book is very basic. I know that this book predates The Secret and other similar books but the directions of what to do when 'visualizing' are basically the same. The author tells you to do it in the morning after waking or right before going to sleep. She states that you should sit up while visualizing because it allows for energy to flow through your spine more powerfully, I have never heard of this before and am a bit skeptical.

I do believe in visualizing and feel like I have seen proof of it in my own life ever since I was a child, way before I have ever read anything about thie topic. For a time in my early twenties I was practicing visualization a lot and I got strong and positive results from it. Unfortunately after that time I was never again able to maintain a daily regimented practice of it, which I feel is what it takes to achieve some big goals. Lately I have been struggling with some excessive and reoccurring negative though patterns that are frightening and I can't seem to shake. These negative thoughts were what lead me to listen to the 50 Self-Help books in the first place, I like listening to audiobooks when I am doing mindless work or chores.

A topic that Gawain, the author, talks about in the book is prosperity and believing that there is enough for everyone and resources are bountiful. Lately I have really struggled with believing this, maybe that is what is holding me back from achieving some of my goals. It is just hard to believe that there is enough for everyone when the visuals of the world show otherwise. I guess I feel better when I think of it in a different way, that there is enough but all the resources are not all properly allocated and this is what causes lack, pain and suffering.

I also checked out Creative Visualization for Dummies basically by default, I am not sure why I keep trying to read these For Dummies books because I really don't like their layouts. The For Dummies book was written in 2011 and it is pretty dense, so maybe there is some gems of information on there that will be interesting, we shall see.

I love books and am constantly reading 2-3 books at a time, mostly non fiction. I decided to write monthly or bi-monthly about the books I am currently reading. Books have helped me so much in my life, so many times I felt like I didn't have someone to go to with my problems and I found solace in reading.

 Books I recommend:

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