Friday, July 10, 2015

My self employment story part 2

This is the second part of my self employment journey. I left you where I had just started making money on Amazon selling a few things I bought at Kmart - so unglamorous. After I had success making a couple of dollars on Amazon and was actually making 'money' I felt amazing, like a switch went off that re-assured me that 'yes! you can make money'. However scanning things for Amazon got old fast, and not only that but going to big box stores, that was the real bore to me. I don't really frequent those places regularly so it was not very fun to be there.

Just around that time my partner and I went thrift shopping to buy things for ourselves and our home. When I was at the thrift store my wheels started turning and I thought to myself 'these clothes are so cheap, maybe I can buy a few tops and sell them on Etsy?'. I did that! Etsy was kind of a pain at first, the learning curve is not very steep but it is more on the annoying side of things. You need to learn how to write exciting descriptions, take good photos, price your items right, etc. Very slowly I started getting some sales. Soon I discovered the podcast Scavenger Life, they are eBay resellers who make a living selling unique vintage goods on eBay, they really helped me become more of a machine and build up my business.

Listening to the Scavenger Life podcast kept me going, soon I realized that to sell more I would need to have more items listed. Sounds pretty simple right? I took my store up to about 150 items before I quit my full time job, and not it sits at around 400. I plan to bulk this up before the holiday season! I am able to make a living from my Etsy shop now and it is awesome!

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