Friday, October 5, 2012

Life Update!

So much has happened since my last post here, my head has been spinning for the past few months and I have been unable to properly organize my thoughts and make them into a nice neat post that I felt would be useful or entertaining for anyone.

Financial Updates!
Some GREAT things have been happening for me financially, funny thing is I felt weird blogging about them because I did not want to jinx them.

  1. First victory: I was able to re-finance my auto loan and I got my interest to go from 26.7% (this should be illegal) to 10.99%!!! YAY! Now I am STILL working on my credit, I hope that in 6 months time or less I will be able to re-finance and get an even better rate. I did make one mistake during the re-financing process, I was offered a 3 year loan instead of another 4 year loan, and without much thinking I took the 4 year loan... ughh why did I do that, anyways, hopefully I will be able to re-finance once again soon.
  2. I was able to get my first credit card with a high limit! Well, a high limit for me at least, I was able to get a credit card with a $2,000 limit. 
  3. My car insurance rates have lowered by $25/month! I have 2 tickets on my file that will not drop out of my history for at least 2 more years, my rates when I first got my car earlier this year were $275/month, after major examining and re-structuring of the rates I was able to get them down to $245/month. Six months later at my policy renewal and I'm at $220!
All of these "great" things were able to happen because I was able to pay off my credit card balances. Unfortunately now I have a HUGE balance again $1250 on my new credit card. However this is okay because it was for emergencies, $465 for car re-financing, $300 medical expense and $200 for new tires. I have to work towards paying this balance off and then maybe my score will jump back up again and I will be able to re-finance and lower my payments further.

I have also been working on a new professional project. I started my own consulting business. I have managed hundreds of employees in a retail environment for years, therefore I created a service to help others get into the retail industry with more ease and with changes of getting better employment opportunities. I have very reasonable rates and and willing to be flexible with them.
Check it out: 

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